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    Nanban Chicken Recipes!

    We have the Nanban Chicken, slightly sweeter than the Tatsutage Chicken! If you have a sweet tooth, this might be the choice for you! It's good to go with some tar tar sauce, otherwise have it with a mighty bowl of salad! It's an easy bento or meal prep option! 

    Get some ideas from this Video!

    Things you might need: 

    • Salad of choice 
    • Tar Tar sauce 
    • Rice
    • Bonito Flakes (optional) 
    • Burger Bun 

    Alternative pairings can include - Aglio Olio, Japanese Curry, Fried Noodles 

    Cooking Method: Airfry for 15-18 mins, otherwise panfry or deep fry until golden brown 

    Nanban Chicken has a crisp exterior and only the best parts of the chicken are used to prepare each cutlet. With a sweeter finish, it's a perfect blend between the two flavours of savoury and sweetness. Grab your pack of DC Nanban Chicken from your nearest NTUC today! Any retailers interested in the DC Chicken range (Tatsutage, Karaage, Nanban) can drop us a message in the contact us page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!