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    Q: Are we a local trusted brand?

    A: Yes, we have been established for 15 years in Singapore, with our office located in Macpherson. We have been supplying to major retailers such as NTUC, Sheng Shiong for years.

    Q: Where do our products come from?

    A: We bring our products from our contacts overseas, mostly from China (Yi Wu) where our subsidiary office is located.

    Q: The date on the packaging states that the product is expired!

    A: Do note that products from China print the MANUFACTURING DATE on the food packaging, the expiry date will be stated on the white sticker with translated information.

    Q: Do you supply to mini marts/group buys?

    A: Drop us an email at, otherwise you can drop us a call at +65 6749 2893 to discuss on how we can work together.

    Q: Are the food products safe for consumption?

    A: Yes, absolutely, every product brought in has undergone stringent checks and approval by SFA.

    Q: Are we open to partnerships?

    A: Yes, if you're looking at opening your own mini mart or starting your own brand, we can explore how we can collaborate. Drop us an email at or call us at +65 6749 2893.